API Changes



API Changes

  • Log transforms now default to base - 2 minor breaks. So base 10 has 8 minor breaks and 9 partitions, base 8 has 6 minor breaks and 7 partitions, ..., base 2 has 0 minor breaks and a single partition.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some functions that took pandas series would return output where the index did not match that of the input.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with log_breaks, so that it does not fail needlessly when the limits in the (0, 1) range.


  • Changed log_format to return better formatted breaks.



API Changes

  • Support for python 2 has been removed.
  • call() and now accept optional parameter n which is the number of minor breaks between any two major breaks.
  • The parameter nan_value has be renamed to na_value.
  • The parameter nan_rm has be renamed to na_rm.


  • Better support for handling missing values when training discrete scales.
  • Changed the algorithm for log_breaks, it can now return breaks that do not fall on the integer powers of the base.








  • Changed date_breaks to have more variety in the spacing between the breaks.
  • Fixed date_format to respect time part of the date (GH7).


  • Fixed (regression) break calculation for the non ordinal transforms.


  • trans objects can now be instantiated with parameter to override attributes of the instance. And the default methods for computing breaks and minor breaks on the transform instance are not class attributes, so they can be modified without global repercussions.



API Changes

  • Breaks and formatter generating functions have been converted to classes, with a __call__ method. How they are used has not changed, but this makes them move flexible.
  • ExtendedWilkson class has been removed. extended_breaks() now contains the implementation of the break calculating algorithm.


  • Fixed issue where some formatters methods failed if passed empty breaks argument.

  • Fixed issue with log_breaks() where if the limits were with in the same order of magnitude the calculated breaks were always the ends of the order of magnitude.

    Now log_breaks()((35, 50)) returns [35,  40,  45,  50] as breaks instead of [1, 100].



API Changes




  • Fixed bug where using log_breaks() with Numpy 1.13.0 led to a ValueError.


  • Added xkcd_palette(), a palette that selects from 954 named colors.
  • Added crayon_palette(), a palette that selects from 163 named colors.
  • Added cubehelix_pal(), a function that creates a continuous palette from the cubehelix system.
  • Fixed bug where a color palette would raise an exception when passed a single scalar value instead of a list-like.
  • extended_breaks() and mpl_breaks() now return a single break if the limits are equal. Previous, one run into an Overflow and the other returned a sequence filled with n of the same limit.

API Changes

  • mpl_breaks() now returns a function that (strictly) expects a tuple with the minimum and maximum values.





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